Our pick of Venice Biennale 2019s most scientific artworks

Venice’s Biennale is colourful, brash, and full of exciting tech and digital media experiments, including Ryoji Ikeda’s astounding dataverse-1


16 May 2019

An altered state of consciousness, realised in virtual reality; a garden full of futuristic plants; avatars steeped in existential despair, a collection of imaginary cameras; a drowning celebrity artist.

All this in just an hour’s quick exploration Welcome to the Venice Biennale, bursting from its two central venues to sprawl across the city.

The festival has been a fixture for more than 120 years, and has never felt more vital. Its main exhibition this year is called May You Live In Interesting Times. Ralph Rugoff is its curator. He’s more usually found running London’s Hayward Gallery, …

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